Ground Zero mosque…and church, synagogue, temple, atheist center, etc.

Ground Zero mosque…and church, synagogue, temple, atheist center, etc.

Indignant at the planned $100-million mega-mosque near the site of “Ground Zero,” where some 3,000 Americans were murdered in the attack on 9/11, a Christian minister has proposed creating a competing Christian center near the site as well. To some, this idea seems to be a good one, as it would “water down” the sting of this aggressive act on the part of the Muslims trying to impose themselves in this sore wound.


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2 Responses to Ground Zero mosque…and church, synagogue, temple, atheist center, etc.

  1. Tom Jones says:

    Building a church, even a copy of the Basilica of Rome, would be pointless and get a roaring good laugh out of every Muslim in the world. They know what they are doing and that eventually they would also turn that church into a mosque just as they are doing all over England, France, Germany, Holland, etc. That is the plan. They could not even resist destroying the ancient Buddist monuments in Afganistan under the Taliban, they just had to destroy them. They want to do the exact same thing all over America. Why is the Democaratic mayor of NYC encouraging and defending them in this, why does he have a CAIR lawyer on the commision, what is his interest in this?

  2. j.jack kumar says:

    religious freedom is misused in america and western countries . muslims try to build mosques in western countries. in future many muslims will be western countries, christian and other religion willbe little. in that time ,country will be change as muslim state . other minority (christians ,buddist,hindus) will be suffered and insulted by muslims like pakistan and afganistan. I love western world, do not give to build the mosque.please

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