Apollonius, Jesus and Paul

Apollonius, Jesus and Paul

Who are these famous men of old? Why are their lives so similar? Over the centuries, not a few people have noticed a resemblance between the lives of the ancient sage Apollonius of Tyana and the Christian savior Jesus Christ.


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2 Responses to Apollonius, Jesus and Paul

  1. There are no secular historical references to either Jesus of Nazareth or Paul of Tarsus. This is quite strange as this was one of the most heavily reported periods in antiquity. Josephus actually spent much ink writing about nobodies, but never heard of Jesus Christ. That is of course until the last Book of his ‘Antiquities of the Jews.’ This book was published in the 90s or well after the gospels had already been written. It is quite revealing that all the so-called apologetic’s proofs of the existence of Jesus were written during this period including the quotes by St. Ignatius of Antioch, Clement of Rome, Suetonius, Tacitus and Pliny the Younger. However, the Epistles of Paul which were supposedly penned in the 50s make no mention of Jesus of Nazareth. They only speak of a cosmic Christ and do mention someone who may have been either crucified or hung from a tree, but the author is no sure which. There are also the early Church scriptures ‘The Shepherd of Hermes’ which makes no reference to Jesus of Nazareth and ‘The Epistle of Barnabas’ which mentions Jesus Christ instead of saying Savior, but has no idea that there was a real live person called Jesus of Nazareth.

    It was during the war with the Jews that the Romans created the 4 gospel accounts as part of a new religious order they wanted to use to subvert the religion of the Messianic Jewish Movement. The original 9 epistles were brought back from Taxila India by Apollonius of Tyana who is referred to as Apollos. To learn more about how the Romans subverted the teachings of Yeshu and the Nazoreans and proclaimed them the revelations of their godman Jesus Christ visit: Nazoreans

  2. Thank you. I largely concur with what you have posted, as can be seen in my books, especially The Christ Conspiracy(1999).

    “…well after the gospels had already been written”

    Actually, there is no scientific evidence that the canonical gospels as we have them existed until the end of the second century. So, it is quite likely that Josephus was completely oblivious to Christian claims – because they hadn’t even been formulated yet. Moreover, it is evident that Josephus is one of the sources for the writing of the “history” in the gospels and in Acts, decades after he was dead and buried.

    For more on the gospel dates, see this article:

    The ‘Historical’ Jesus?

    and my book Who Was Jesus?

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